South Shore Shotokan Karate is part of the Japan Karate Association. The JKA uphold the standards of Shotokan Karate to which the millions of karate-ka, world wide adhere too.

The Canada JKA Karate Federation conduct the business of the JKA within Canada and have Dojo’s all across the country.  Headed up by Chief Instructor Sensei Minoru Saeki, he is dedicated to teaching traditional Shotokan karate according to the standards and principles of the Japan Karate Association.

The following fees apply to anyone wishing to join South Shore Shotokan Karate:

$25 CKJF / JKA Registration Fee Annually

Town of Regina Beach Recreation Membership

Classes are $20 a month  

If you are interested in joining or would like to speak to someone about joining. Please fill out the form.