Welcome to South Shore JKA

For the Art, the Discipline and Self Defense

We are South Shore JKA, a karate club located in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan. Our teachings maintain the quality and technical aspects of Karate taught the traditional way. We also focus on the discipline and self defense aspects whilst helping people develop a true understanding of Shotokan Karate and themselves.

Anyone with an interest in traditional martial arts should come on down and try a few classes at no charge and with no obligation. You never know if you will like something until you actually try it!!

South Shore JKA is part of the Japan Karate Association. The JKA set the standards for Shotokan Karate to which the millions of karate-ka, follow everyday.


Take a look at the video below or come and try a class to get a better idea of what Shotokan is and can do for you.


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To book a class, call us (306) 519 1324 or use the form below.

South Shore JKA

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Regina Beach, Saskatchewan, S0G 4C0


(306) 519 1324